Join the Dialogue Member Collective and help shape the future of telemedicine!

We're looking for individuals who:

  • Want to reduce barriers to receiving the best healthcare

  • Are enthusiastic and want to have their voice heard

  • Care about great experiences and providing feedback

Learn more about the Member Collective below!

Member Collective Sign-up

The Dialogue Member Collective Mission

We’re bringing together members to solicit feedback and guidance on our service and innovation roadmap in order to prioritize member needs and build the future of telemedicine.

Why participate?

  • Gain exclusive first-hand knowledge about Dialogue’s roadmap and help align proposed initiatives with your health goals.
  • Engage with other members on industry trends, challenges and more.
  • Contribute your member insight and perspective, and make your voice heard!
  • Collaborate with Dialogue’s product, tech, and customer success teams for idea generation and discussion of future innovation.

How often will I be involved?

Participation as a member may include both in-person and virtual events:

  • 4-5 virtual touch points throughout the year (surveys, requests for feedback, exclusive forum discussions, etc.)

  • Events based upon availability; dates forthcoming in 2020!

How will my feedback be used?

The insight, feedback and discussions are entirely confidential, and will be used to improve Dialogue’s services, products and performance. 

We look forward to collaborating with you!

For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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